Field Observations

Admitted: we are quite a long way away from the savannahs of Africa. Our safaris are also not as the old definition of safari in the Oxford English Dictionary suggests: "a party or caravan undertaking an extensive cross-country expedition on foot for hunting or scientific research, typically in an African country (originally in East Africa)". However, "safari" is just the right word for field observation in the Western Pomeranian river valleys. Of course the tours hunt neither for flora nor for fauna. On our tours, only your eyes will be on discovery. Great white egrets, wild geese, rare orchids, flowering rushes, spotted crakes, white-tailed eagles and otters are just as good as lions, rhinos and elephants. You will also find beavers here, which belong to the "Big Five" of the North: animals that shape the landscape.

Let yourselves be carried off into the expanses of the Western Pomeranian river valleys and go on your very own personal discovery tour with us.

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