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On your own on the way

You just want to rent one or more boats for a day trip or a multi-day trip, alone or with friends? At our headquarters in Anklam, you can choose from a variety of canadians and kayaks from leading German and American manufacturers and rent them with equipment from the tent to the stove. At least every three years, we renew our entire fleet of boats.

We also prepare picnic baskets for the tours from/ to Anklam with advance pre-order. If you are planning longer tours, you can get a catering box from the Bio-Höfeladen (an organic farm shop). After or before your trip you can indulge in home-made cakes and home-made soups in our cozy river café.

For day trips at our outdoor locations in Trittelwitz, Alt Plestlin, Liepen and Stolpe are 2-kayaks and 2/3er Canadier available. There are a small number of boats available, we recommend a reservation.

With our minibuses we bring you and your companions to almost every job site at Peene, Trebel, Tollense, Peenestrom and Uecker. We are happy to book your campsites or arrange a permanent accommodation. A tour map with many individual tips for your trip is also available in our shop.

Our idyllic terrain in Anklam is available to tent guests by appointment for one night. It is about 10 minutes away from the train/ bus station. On request, paddlers can leave their car in our car park for a fee during their paddle tour. Paddlers with their own boat are also very welcome to transfer or stay with us.


  • 2-4er Canadier, brand Old Town Allagash
  • 10-man squadron, brand Gatz
  • 1-kayak, brand Prijon
  • 2-kayak, brand Prijon
  • all boats incl. safety equipment, day tour card, drybag
  • our boat fleet is constantly renewed
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  • costs per day
  • K1: 30,- €
  • K2: 35,- €
  • C2: 30,- €
  • C3/4: 35,- €
  • C10: 100,-€
  • costs per week
  • K1: 140,- €
  • K2: 165,- €
  • C2: 140,- €
  • C3/4: 165,- €
  • may - september, daily from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • in october on request


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