Cranes in the Peene valley

Discover a fascinating spectacle during this two-day stay in the Peene Valley - the arrival of the cranes to their overnight quarters.

The Peenetal is an important resting area for the cranes on their flight south. Hundreds of them fly in the evening in the water-filled meadows of the river flood plain. Here the shy birds are safe from foxes and other predators. We invite you to experience this fascinating spectacle on a guided tour with a certified nature and landscape guide.

During your two-day stay, you will spend the night in Gutshof Liepen, a pampering hotel in the Peene valley with open-air baths and a spa. On your arrival day, a 3-course meal awaits you in the hotel restaurant, which will indulge you with regional delicacies. On the second day you can relax in the saunas and swimming pools of the spa before going on an evening discovery tour starting in Anklam about two hours before sunset. From Abenteuer Flusslandschaft, your tour guide will take you by minibus to the area of  the cranes. Once there, it's off to a small tour past the old village church and the remains of a former robber baron castle on the fortified dike to bird observation tower.

From here, you have a perfect view of the nightly recurring fascinating spectacle, when hundreds of cranes fly into their sleeping places. Enjoy this unique sight of the majestic birds of luck. With the setting sun, the cranes fly over their heads to their night quarters and make the characteristic calls that will stay in your ears for a long time. After returning to the village, a proper wild boar roast awaits you in the cozy inn. Then our minibus will take you back to the starting point of the tour, to Anklam.

On the day of departure we recommend after breakfast the visit of the Viking graves in Menzlin before you start your journey home. The Otto Lilienthal Museum in the Hanseatic city of Anklam should not be missed.


  • 2 nights in a double Gutshof Liepen including breakfast and spa use
  • 2x dinner (incl. one 3-course meal)
  • guided crane hike from/to Anklam with transfer by minibus
  • accompanied by certified nature and landscape guides
  • binoculars and further information material
  • bookable at least 2 participants
  • individual arrival from/to the hotel Gutshof Liepen**
  • **when traveling by train shuttle transfer can be booked
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bookable from august to october


  • 299,- €/adult (double room)


bookable saturday-monday 

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