Paddling and bog shoe hiking in Soomaa National Park in Estonia

7-day active tour in the Soomaa National Park

This customized activity trip takes you to Soomaa National Park in southwest Estonia. Here you can go on a total of five paddling tours and a bog hike up close to a fascinating, millennia-old landscape. From 2018 on, the use of moorland shoes in the period from 23 April to 23 June is prohibited for the protection of soil breeders. We then carry out the hikes in rubber boots and ask for your understanding. The experience is the same. You will love it!

Your accommodation during the 7-day is a cozy guest house in the middle of the national park, right on one of the many rivers. Our friends Aivar and Algis know the area like the back of their hand. They show you the most beautiful places and go with you on a total of three guided excursions. Equipped with their best tips, discover on your own the sparsely populated landscape with magnificent wildlife during three other individual canoe tours. By the way, the black grouses, bears and lynx are at home here again. But no fear! Unfortunately, they are rare and it would be happy coincidencewhen if you actually see one of the animals. To experience the silence and vastness of a moor is another unforgettable moment. That's why Aivar will take you on a 3-hour guided hike with traditional moorland shoes on your feet. One day of your trip you are free to do whatever you want. For example, you can experience how the historic dugouts were made that were once vital to survival.





  • 6 nights in a double room incl. breakfast
  • 2x dinner
  • 1x lunch
  • 1x guided day trip with moor hikes* (3h) and a paddling tour (2h)
  • 1x guided beaver safari in the evening
  • 3 individual paddling tours in a Canadier incl. equipment and maps
  • necessary boat and passenger transfers
  • 1x sauna use in the guesthouse
  • rental car from/to Tallin
  • insolvency insurance policy
  • flights and additional stays optionally bookable
  • *due to the nature protection regulations (from 2018), hiking in moorland shoes is only possible from the 24th of june of each year
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can be booked in mid-may to mid-october


  • from 749 € p. Pers. at least 2 participants


Mid-may to mid-october 

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