Peenesafari: 3-hour canoe excursion for school classes from/to Anklam

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This trip brings you fun and knowledge at the same time. The participants will experience the glacial Peenetal from the river after a comprehensive instruction on this guided paddle tour. An experienced nature guide looks after you. We use tilt-stable boats of well-known manufacturers. He shows the students endangered animals such as white-tailed eagle and great egret and provides exciting basic information about Peenetal. The paddle fun is not too short.

From the boat, w'll see beaver lodges and take a look at the shores of the Peenetal nature reserve. The excursion is also excellently suited as a biology field trip. For this, plants can be collected or photographed, which later the students identify in the classroom. Thus, theoretical subject matter becomes practically comprehensible in nature. In any case the focus of this "safari" is the activity and movement on the water.

For the safety: It is onus to wear a life jacket! If none of the teachers/supervisors are lifeguards, you can book them with our accompanying boat. Alternatively, you can only book an accompanying motor boat only for your lifeguard. 




  • guided canoe tour for school classes
  • suitable from 5th grade
  • duration approx. 3 hours
  • certified nature and landscape guides
  • minimum number of participants 20, smaller groups on request
  • incl. 2 supervisors
  • options:
  • lifeguard & accompanying boat (surcharge)
  • accompanying boat for own lifeguard (surcharge)
  • snack in the Flusscafé
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book april-october


  • from 12,- €/pers.


April bis Oktober, Mo-Frei nach Absprache  
april-october, mo-fri, inform us in advance 

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