Solar boat charter (no licence required)

from/to Anklam, Liepen and Trittelwitz

In addition to our guided thematic solar boat tours with specially trained guides, you can also individually charter our solar boats. Whether for family dos, group outings or company events - we currently provide 6 boats with a total of 60 spaces at our sites in Anklam and Stolpe. Some of these can be driven by you privately without a licence. The other boats are on hire with a driver as standard.

Using the sun's power, you guide silently and environmentally friendly along the Peene. On request, we can provide you with delicious snacks or festive afternoon coffee and cake on board.

The licence-free boats are really easy to operate. We will provide you with a briefing and a short test drive. The 3 kW electric motors enable the boats to reach a speed of up to nearly 7 knots and provide for good manoeuvrability and lots of driving enjoyment. And all of that of course without a single drop of petrol: the built-in power batteries are constantly recharged by the solar roof - as long as it's not nighttime or there's a solar eclipse.

Yet, even on cloudy days the batteries wouldn't run out, even if you drove all day. And the motor is as quiet as a whisper. The quiet lapping of the waves is the only thing that will remind you that you are sitting in a motorboat. If you do encounter bad weather, a tarpaulin cover will keep you dry, whilst allowing you to take in the surrounding nature.


  • Solar boat charter for up to 8 persons, no licence required
  • Small table on request
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bookable from 1st of May 2018


  • up to 8 persons, no licence required
  • up to 2 hrs: € 110,-
  • up to 4 hrs: € 170,-
  • up to 8 hrs: € 290,-
  • deposit: € 100,-


daily from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Please specify desired date.

Grit Köhn



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